Saturday, September 29, 2007

Experience with the web (Part 1?)

I have been using the web since '94 in the 1900s. I wasn't apart of its original inception because I was too little and naive to know it even existed. Except for BBSs, those rocked, it still amazes me what an ANSI artist can do with TheDraw.

Currently, I am working for a company using Ruby on Rails as my primary development environment. Everything for the company is being written RoR. Its been interesting to use a framework to this extensive magnitude because you truly realize where its faults and advantages. With the changes, limitations, and additions I have worked into our implementation of RoR I thought that it would be nice to share in the case others might find it useful.

I claim to be no expert to programming. Anyone who make a claim to be an expert at anything better be ready to back it up. I will admit that I have experience though whether it be professional, amateur, or just plain tinkering. A lot of my interest in computers has always been the web. I like the power it has to be accessed by so many people from so many different places.

My first real website was way back in middle school. It was my play ground. Where everything from rants, drawings, hosting of others webpages, etc... were presented. It was my play ground for many year up till high school. Where I unsuccessfully tried starting my own cult. Unfortunately, a one person cult, well, is just lame.

From this website though, I picked up my first CGI scripts from Script Archive. This guy in my opinion really created the interest of CGI programs to provide web pages with interactivity and also was kind enough to lend his source code for everyone to use. This is what sparked my interest in Perl.

My most successful website to date incorporated alot what I had learned, but albeit still very crude. It was a fan site of South Park called killkenny. It had some of the copied content from many other fan sites, but also some original. I setup a weekly quiz, created with a friend of mine, about strange things we found in the episodes. This proved to be very popular because to date we had 100,000 unique hits / month. Keep in mind this is before Google Ads, so we made no money. It was for fun. Eventually it became, like other things, to difficult to maintain and was retired. From this I did the web design, content, hosting management, and interactivity B.A. (before ajax), during the year 1997 or 9th grade.

Well I am going to take a breather because this is much more than I intended to write. I might continue writing about this at a later time, but I would really like to write about issues I have faced with respects to web programming and show my solutions or questions.

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