Sunday, October 7, 2007

Puddy -- YAWFP

Yet another web framework for Perl, but I like to call it Puddy. A work in progress.

Short Description:

A project based on wanting a web framework built for speed and integration with standards. Currently modeling Rails in the area of application design, but improving areas with modules that are known to be faster and optimized (because I say so).

Model uses Rose::DB::Object for ORM support. It will handle to the association with the database that is well designed -- meaning the database handles the relationships not the ORM.

View uses a custom built XML::Builder and EPB that will handle templating that make incorporating Perl code into document easily. There is no language better than the langauge the application is built to use for the View. I am basing off the fact that out of my personal experience I have never met a 'designer' that just use a simple templating language.

Controller... well a work in progrees.

If anyone is interested in helping please message away at /[jtarchie][at][gmail][dot][com]/.

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