Sunday, December 9, 2007

bringing back reality into social networking

I found recently that social networking is no longer limited to the virtual world any more. In an amazing turn of events, people are meeting new people and making professional relationships by meeting face to face. This is all in respect to technology based fields. The days of Facebook, Myspace, and LinkedIn are numbered.

A (real life) social group I found called Jelly is nothing innovated, but something I think I have been missing in my work life. Its a simple concept. Biweekly someone opens up their place to strangers, offers free wifi, and works from home. Its great because people stop by to show what they are working on, from the trivial to the mediocre, but the most important thing is that you meet like minded people. How many people you know wants to leave their place open to complete strangers?

I have slowly learned since graduating college that the working world lacks the inspiration of personal creativity. I have heard the stories of Google that allow you to work on your own projects. I currently work at a start up that allows me work on my own schedule, so I can make time at those points in the day to work on my 'side projects'. Unlike my time in college though, I don't find the environment of people constantly coming up with new ideas and talk to people to throw ideas around. Am I missing something?

The idea behind Jelly is simple and I know its nothing new. It seems to be the simplest thing I've seen in real social networking. There is no one inviting heavy weight VCs, or the rockstar programmer, or the requirement of some sort of meal. One person opens up there place and invited (future) friends over, but with the intention of working on your own stuff. I'm going to have to give this a try. If anyone is interested in the San Diego area.

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