Thursday, January 10, 2008

Puddy framework ideology

In case you have no idea what I am talking about, familiarize yourselves here. I have been working on my own little mini framework for awhile. By observing some of the things that I have seen in mainly on Ruby on Rails and other frameworks and incorporating them.

The thing that I have realized about many frameworks is the integration they with so much of the web application. I am not complaining at all. Having so many different options available for you is great, but have always gotten me is the overhead of such framework. Having the kitchen sink scenario is nice, but a minimalist framework would work just as well, which allow you to pick and choose just the features that you need. Rails 2.0 have gone in this direction, and I have seen smaller Ruby frameworks like Camping and Sinatra, which are great examples of minimal work.

Yet, what I have always wanted was access to each individual module of a framework and be able to pick and choose which get used. I believe that each module should not wholly depend one another. This can always be the case, but the dependency should be minimal.

I have tried to keep this mentality with Puddy. If anyone has actually kept up with it, the modules are each individually coded, so one doesn't require functionality from another. I guess I am doing an MVC for a MVC framework.

Anyways, a quick updated on the framework. I am making progress on it. It has been a learning experience. There are some parts that I have completely written myself and there are some that I have copied from Rails verbatim, but only because they did such a good job with it. I hope to be able to create an example app real soon to actually demonstrate the framework. I really just want to show something convenient, lite, and fast.

Update: I forget to mention Merb, which seems to be a ncie framework and follows this ideology too. Just when I think I am being innovative -- someone else has already done it. ;)

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